To assist potential developers / businesses we have provided you with this essential information.
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Amy Bridger, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy & External Engagement
 (814) 898-6756
Harborcreek Engagement Team
Pam Brink, HC Tax Collector
5601 Buffalo Road
Harborcreek PA 16421
(814) 899-0818
3608 West 26th Street
Erie PA 16506
 (610) 588-0965
Harborcreek Sewer Authority
5601 Buffalo Road
Harborcreek PA 16421
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Erie County Health Department
606 West 2nd Street
Erie PA 16507
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Erie Water Works
240 West 12th Street
Erie PA 16501
 (814) 860-8000
Penelec (First Energy)
5404 Evans Street
Erie PA 16509
 (814) 545-7741
National Fuel
1100 State Street
Erie PA 16501
 (814) 871-8200
RE/MAX Real Estate Services
4939 Buffalo Road
Erie PA 16510
 (814) 898-3558
Howard Hanna Erie
4905 Buffalo Road
Erie PA 16510
 (814) 860-1287
Marsha Marsh Real Estate Services
 (814) 899-1316
 (814) 866-8840
Development Activity
Stay informed on what’s going UP in the community
Projects in process of township approval
Projects approved and construction is under way or will begin soon
Projects that are approved, constructed, and open for business

Doing Business in Harborcreek

Local Businesses
Visit our page where you can search through, by category, all that Harborcreek has to offer. Choose to buy local and “keep it in the creek”.
Come Grow with Us
Harborcreek Township has a country like setting but with all the city amenities.  The Board of Supervisors supports our local business and residential community … helping businesses succeed and improving the quality of life for our residents is our primary goal!
Not only do Harborcreek residents patronize local businesses but so do residents from North East, Lawrence Park, Wesleyville, the City of Erie, and communities just across the state line in New York.
Developers and business owners can expect the review and approval process of land development streamlined in a timely and efficient manner with a common sense approach to the regulations.
The information listed below is to assist potential business/developer’s with the requirements of different site locations for land development.
  • If you are looking into opening a business in one of Harborcreek’s three shopping plazas there is no development costs associated with this. No requirement of stormwater or parking requirements, all the amenities are in place. You will need to register with Berkheimer’s Associates for payroll taxes. Any renovations to the existing unit may require zoning and/or building permit.
  • If you are looking at a developed site, plan to do renovations, and not changing the use of the previous operation then no land development is required. You can continue the operation as is! Replacing signage requires a sign permit with the zoning and building departments.
  • If you are looking at a developed site and will be changing the use or any major renovations will require land development. An initial review of a sketch plan and parking plan is required (additional information may be requested) depending on the project. The process is typically done by staff review which the turnaround time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
  • If you are looking at a vacant property to develop, a full land development plan is required.
The Zoning Administrator is available to assist you in your endeavors. Contact Connie Cruz at 814-899-3171 or email Connie using our .
Business Incentives:  Harborcreek Board of Supervisors realizes the need to be competitive in the recruitment of businesses and the retention of our existing businesses.  Listed below are some incentives to welcome Harborcreek as your new home or continue to call Harborcreek your home!
Applicant may be eligible for tax abatement if proposed project construction cost is $25,000 or more.
Chart showing tax abatement available for new business
The Success of the Tax Abatement Program
The tax abatement ordinance was adopted in 2010.  Every two years the program is evaluated to determine if it should be renewed.  With the success of the program it has been renewed four (4) times.  From the inception of the program the assessed values for residential increased to $41,920,907 and commercial assessed values increased to $37,520,547.  The assessed values consists of new and improved properties.
To see the full report see the following link –
Individuals wishing to solicit residents of Harborcreek by going door to door are required to secure a Solicitation Permit.

To register contact Brian Benovic at , or email Brian using our .

You can complete the application here.

The fee is $25.00, payable to Harborcreek Township. Once your application is approved you will be notified to schedule an appointment to get your photo ID at the Harborcreek Municipal Building located at 5601 Buffalo Road, Harborcreek, PA 16421.

If you are a landlord in Harborcreek Township, you are required to register with the Code Enforcement Office. Complete the Tenant Ordinance Form and submit to Code Enforcement Office. 

You can register here. Contact Chris Bush at , or email Chris using our .

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Development Activity
Stay informed on what’s going UP in the community
Projects in process of township approval
Projects approved and construction is under way or will begin soon
Projects that are approved, constructed, and open for business
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