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Savvy Citizen is a FREE notification system for Apple and Android users that will enable the township to send information about important township news and events directly to residents’ mobile devices. Residents may access Savvy Citizen by downloading the smartphone app.

No phone? No problem. Visit the Savvy Citizen web site below, sign-up, and choose email as your delivery method.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal Ordinance

The township snow removal ordinance regulates parking on Township roadways and the placement of snow removed from private property.

Full text of this ordinance: 39-1966 and the amendment is, 39-1966-1.

Who plows my Road?
Winter Services Agreements

With a developer: There are certain new roads within housing developments that have not been accepted by the Township for maintenance. The developers of these roads sign a “Winter Services Agreement” with the Township. This establishes a commitment by the Township to plow these particular roads within that development for the snow season.

With PennDOT: There is also a winter services agreement between the Township and PennDOT for plowing the following State owned roads: Nagle Road and Moorheadville Road.

List of Roads
There are State and Privately maintained roads within the Township limits. If the road you live on is on the following list then you receive either Private or State (PennDOT) maintenance. Otherwise, you receive winter services from the township. Click hereThis image is decorative. for the list.
511PA – PennDOT
511PA is Pennsylvania’s official travel information service which provides travelers with reliable, current traffic and weather information, as well as links to other transportation services. 511PA is designed to help motorists reach their destination in the most efficient manner when traveling in Pennsylvania.
Sometimes mailboxes get hit…

It goes with the territory… as everyone who lives in Harborcreek knows, we receive a lot of snow.  Mailboxes will get hit by our plows. This can be due to a lack of visibility, on-coming traffic crowding the road, boxes that are installed incorrectly, and yes…because we are not perfect.

That being said, all standard steel mailboxes (not plastic) installed to township specifications will be repaired or replaced if the damage occurred because of direct contact with the plow.  When we inspect the mailbox we are looking for paint left behind from the plow, tire tracks, type and location of the damage, and posts that are not already rotted. Damage that occurs from heavy wet snow thrown against the pole / mailbox will not be repaired or replaced. Posts and mailboxes must be able to withstand the force of the plowed snow pushed to the sides of the street.

If mailbox damage occurs due to township snow removal services it can be reported by email using our contact form or call the township at (814) 899-3171. The examination, and subsequent repair or replacement of mailboxes will occur when time and weather permits.

Mailbox Installation SpecificationsThis image is decorative..

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