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Regulations & Applications

All the information you need is right here!  Any questions on the ordinances or permits, please call the zoning office.

Review Guides
Ordinances / Regulations

To view and search through the full text of all of the township Code of Ordinances go to: 

Subdivision & Land Development
Zoning / Subdivision & Land Development

Projects that require a zoning permit are:

  • New Structures
  • Additions
  • Garages (attached and detached)
  • Pole Barn
  • Decks/Porches
  • Swimming Pools (permanent)
  • Storage Sheds (over 120 sq. ft. or a 2nd shed on property)
  • Accessory Structures (over 120 sq. ft.)
  • Pre-fabricated structures
  • Mobile Homes
  • Structure Relocations
  • Structural Changes
  • Non-Residential Renovations
  • Signs
  • Demolitions

Non-Residential Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing

Property owners are responsible for securing a permit through Pennsylvania Department of Environmental     Services for any earth/land disturbance of 1 acre or more.  Disturbance includes construction of residence, driveway/access road, yard installation (clearing & grubbing), out buildings, pool, barn, pond, etc.  For additional information refer to DEP Fact Sheet located under Regulations.  Contact Erie County Conservation District at 814-825-6403.

Harborcreek Township adopted a revised in October 2012.  The revised provisions requires not only non-residential construction projects but residential.  If your project will consist of new impervious or semi-impervious (gravel area) please see table:

Residential projects over 1000 square feet of new impervious requires completing the .

Applicants maybe eligible for an exemption for . Contact township engineer at if you have any questions.


Properties that have a creek/stream located on them must follow a certain set of criteria for construction projects.  Proposed structures must be a minimum of 50 ft. from the creeks/stream’s center of bank.

If your project consists of working in the creek or stream (i.e. stabilize the bank or constructing a bridge), a permit is required through Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Services.  Contact Erie County Conservation District at .


Properties that are located on the lake bluff must follow a high standard of criteria in order to maintain the stability of the bluff and protect your assets.  Any proposed construction projects requiring a zoning permit must follow the setbacks for that particular use.

Structures must be a minimum of (see below) from the lake bluff. The setbacks are the minimum requirements, however, with bluff erosion that occurs yearly it is strongly recommended to be farther away from the bluff as possible.  The minimum setbacks for structures are:

  • Residential – 50 ft.
  • Commercial –  75 ft.
  • Industrial – 100 ft.

If proposed project is not able to conform to the required setback due to an existing structure already in the hazard area or a hardship on the property, please refer to as there are additional steps that may apply to your project or contact the for more information.


Corner lots must adhere to a minimum side yard setback of 20 ft. from the side abutting the second road/street.  No structures shall be placed within this setback due to traffic sight at intersections.


No structure or vegetation shall be placed in a drainage easement.  The easement is part of the stormwater management facility that was approved by the township engineer.  In order for the stormwater facility to continue to work properly the easement shall have nothing placed or altered to it.  If you are unsure if your property has an easement contact the zoning office.

The  revised the  which became in effect on February 19, 2014 and again on June 7, 2017 for the coastal zone area.  In order for the township to be eligible for  any natural disaster funding, Harborcreek must comply with FEMA’s regulations. One of the regulations is to adopt a floodplain ordinance that adheres to FEMA’s requirements. The township adopted a Floodplain Ordinance in 1980 and has since been amended based on the new regulations when the revised maps came into effect.  Harborcreek had an option to be more restrictive in their ordinance, however, the  Board of Supervisors decided that a property owner has a right to develop their property, therefore, the amended floodplain ordinance was adopted with the minimum restrictive requirements. The Zoning Administrator also serves as the Floodplain Administrator.  This role is to assist residents and the public with floodplain issues in regard to their property.  The ordinance permits construction within a flood zone and must adhere to the strict regulations of the ordinance. The floodplain administrator will be able to assist you in the follow areas and answer any questions.
  • If you are unsure if your property is in a flood zone.
  • You are in a flood zone and have a construction project. The floodplain regulations will be reviewed with you for you to determine if your project will be feasible.  If your project appears near the flood zone and it cannot be determined if its in the floodzone, you will be required to submit a survey of your property, so a determination can be made. If project is determined to be in the flood zone, a Base Elevation Certificate is required to be submitted to with your .
Subdivision & Land Development
Zoning / Subdiv & Land Dev
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Hours: 8am – 4:30pm

Superintendent of Zoning
Zoning Administrator, President of the Erie County Zoning and Code Enforcement Officials Association
Zoning Assistant / Code Enforcement Officer
Zoning Assistant
Development Activity
Stay informed on what’s going UP in the community
Projects in process of township approval
Projects approved and construction is under way or will begin soon
Projects that are approved, constructed, and open for business
Boards & Commissions
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Zoning Hearing Board
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Planning Commission
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