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Ordinance Summaries
Listed on the page are the most common ordinances. The Code Enforcement Office can only enforce what has been adopted by the Board of  Supervisors by way of an ordinance.

To view and search through the full text of all of the township Code of Ordinances go to: 
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Township Supervisor in charge of Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

Township Supervisor in charge of Zoning

Zoning Administrator
Code enforcement issues involving public safety that occur after regular hours should dial 911 if its an emergency and for non-emergencies contact the State Police at .

Code Enforcement

Enforcement Officer
The Harborcreek Township Code Enforcement Office is dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe and desirable living and working environment for all. The staff are committed to serving the residents by administering fair and impartial enforcement efforts.

The goal is always to work with the resident(s) to come into compliance. However, with every effort given to the resident(s), at times, the violation becomes a legal matter. Mostly the resident was not aware of the ordinance, so it becomes an educational communication.
Complaint-Driven System
The program operates under the general premise that most violators do not know they are in a violation of the ordinance. It is the code enforcement officer’s duty to educate the resident. Most residents want to come into compliance.
Resolving Disputes in Your Neighborhood
Residents can do their part to continue to make the community a great place to live, work, and play by following steps to resolve issues in your own neighborhood. This is only a suggestion.
  • Often a polite knock on your neighbors door to have a discussion can resolve many problems.
  • Coordinate a local neighborhood clean up effort.  Some residents would like to be compliant, but do not have either the physical ability or financial wherewithal to clean up their property.  Assisting your neighbors in their time of need can lead to new friendships or just getting to know your neighbors.
Of course, if you do not feel comfortable with the above suggested steps, you can file a complaint with the code enforcement office.
The Complaint / Violation Process

Once the code enforcement officer receives a complaint, a through investigation is conducted to determine if a violation exists.  The investigation may include site visits, interviews with the parties involved and physical evidence. If the code enforcement officer determines there is a violation, a courtesy notice is initiated. If it is determined not be a violation or is unable to validate the complaint, the case will be closed.

There are two (2) types of violations. Zoning Violations and Civil Violations. Zoning violations are issues related to building setbacks, the use of a structure, building height, construction projects without the required permits, etc. Civil violations are dogs at large or barking continuously, tall grass, junk vehicles, etc. The process is similar but with different timelines.

Filing a Complaint

It is Code Enforcement’s policy to keep the reporting parties name confidential, however, Code Enforcement may be ordered to reveal your name in court proceeding and/or reporting party will be called to testify.

A list of summary ordinances are available for your review. If you would like to know if your concern is a violation, you can click on the ordinance summary.

To file a complaint by telephone call .

To file a complaint by email – use our . Fill out this , save it, and it can be attached on contact page.

To file a compliant through the mail, send correspondence to Harborcreek Township, 5601 Buffalo Road, Harborcreek, PA  16421 Attn: Code Enforcement

To file a complaint in person, stop by the office between the hours of 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday thru Friday.

Please note, when you submit a complaint it will not be resolved the same day.  The code enforcement officer needs to investigate the complaint, which may take some time. Please refer to the Complaint Process, this will explain the process and a timeline. Please be patient. The code enforcement staff recognize that the concern(s) you filed may cause you stress, consternation, annoyance, or just be a general eyesore, but the staff must follow the procedure that is in place.

After filing your complaint, if would like a update on the status, contact the code enforcement office. The staff will provide you with that information. The office will not contact you to keep you informed.

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Hours: 8am – 4:30pm

Superintendent of Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

Superintendent of Zoning

Zoning Administrator
Code enforcement issues involving public safety that occur after regular hours should dial 911 if its an emergency and for non-emergencies contact the State Police at 898-1641.
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