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Harborcreek Township continues into 31 consecutive years with no real estate tax increase. We remain committed to doing as many improvement projects as money permits, with as minimal a tax burden as possible. For a home assessed at $100,000 less than $100 of real estate taxes paid is returned to the township.
Budget Summary
General Government $937,354
Public Safety $141,300
Highways, Roads, and Streets $1,565,597
Culture and Recreation $196,000
Miscellaneous / Insurance $1,863,018
Fuels $1,447,000
Total $6,150,269
The adoption of these Budgets sets the millage for 2021 at .9663 mills (adjusted from 1.192 for 2012 re-assessment), as it has been set for the last 31 years.

A more detailed line item version of the adopted budget is available for inspection at the office of the Secretary of Harborcreek Township, 5601 Buffalo Road, Harborcreek, PA 16421.

Below you will find links to the Public Notices, "2021 Proposed Budget" and "Formal Adoption of the 2021 Budget".
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